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Sacred “Knowledge of Self” Sessions

This amazing new series, which consists of 4 consecutive weekly, individual one-on-one sessions, will begin in mid-June.  These are energy sessions that work with the timeline of your life journey to assist you in connecting with your own sacred self-knowledge, and ultimately move you into a place of trusting yourself and your own inner wisdom rather than relying on someone else.

Our personal journey in life is unique, and those who say to us — “I know what you’ve been through,” “I can relate,” “I understand,” “I think you need to do this,” etc. — are coming from their own experiences, and is this truly the  highest form of guidance for us?  It is in learning to trust that which is coming through us as the “highest plan for me” that is indeed true personal empowerment.

This energy series is so much more than 4 one-hour sessions of time spent with a facilitator.  It is a full auric energy “experience” with support from you, your guides, healing emissaries that incorporate multiple energy modalities, and Susan and her Divine God Presence.  You will be assisted in your connection to one or more of your 12 inner senses, which can have some amazing effects in your life. Combined with some ‘extras,’ which will be unique to you, this experience is expanded to encapsulate you in an energetic container so that you will receive the energy work continuously for the whole 1 month period you are involved in the program – not just for the one hour per week that you are on each call.

The effects of the program will emanate through all aspects of your life, and the lives of those around you.

The “financial investment in yourself” for the complete program is $333.00.  Space is limited, as only a maximum of 20 people are accepted into this program per month.

If you wish to have more information, or wish to sign up please fill out the contact form below.

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Blessings of love on your journey,


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